Atlas 1056 B01 (New)
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Atlas 1056 B01 (New)

Atlas 1056 B01 URC1056. This remote will work with all Motorola / Pace receivers, including those from Cogeco, Eastlink, Shaw.  This Remote can Control up to 5 Devices. Free Shipping.

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This is an Atlas 1056B01 (device code is 1376) remote.  Works with all Motorola cable boxes.


This Universal Remote can control your TV, Cable Box, Audio Amplifier, DVD Player, and AUX Device.

- Master Power Key to Turn ALL Your Devices On / Off at the Same Time
- Picture-in-Picture Control Keys
- Macro Key for Instant Tune-In of Your Favorite Channels
- Color-Coded Keys to Quickly Locate Popular Functions
- Code Searching for a Device
- Code Checking
- Volume Lock
- Reassigning Device Keys
- Programming Channel Control Lock
- Memory Retainer - No Memory Loss in Case of a Battery Failure
- Help, Guide, Menu, and Mute Buttons
- Classic Black Color with Multi-Colored Keys
- Designed with UEI Technologies
- Uses 2 AA Batteries which are Included

- 169 Brands of TVs
- 141 Brands of VCRs and PVRs
- 79 Brands of Audio Receivers
- 59 Brands of DVD Players
- 34 Brands of TV / VCR Combos
- 24 Brands of Audio Amplifiers
- 6 Brands of Cable Boxes
- 5 Brands of Satellite Receivers

- Brand New, Factory Fresh, 5 Function, Time Warner Atlas Universal Remote Control (URC1056) with PIP
- 2 AA Batteries
- User Manual with All Available Programming Codes
- Free Shipping

This remote is also compatible with units from the following providers: Access Communications Co-operative, Cogeco,  Eastlink, Source Cable, Axion, Amos, CableVision, Cablintel, Coop CSCF, Dery Telecom, Shannon, Big White, Black Creek, Keta, Seaside, Seaview, Ucluelet Video Services, Brooks Bay (BC), Westman Communications (MB), Charter, Cox, Mediacom, Time Warner, Comcast, CRRS TV, Compton, Ezlink, Markdale Cable, Flow (Trinidad and Tobago / Jamica), Lynx Net, Mascon, Masset Haida TV, Mercury Speed, South Kountry Cable, Novus, Shaw, Rogers
Models supported:

Motorola: DCT1700, DCT1800, DCT2000, DCT2224, DCT2244, DCT2500, DCT2524, DCT700, DCT5100, DCT6200, DCT6208, DCT6412, DCT6416, DCT3412, DCT3416, DCH6200, DCH3200, DCH6416, DCH3416, DCX3200, RNG150N, DCX3300, DCX3400, DCX3501, RNG200N, DCX3510, DCX3600, QIP2500QIP6416, QIP7100, QIP7216, QIP7232, VIP1000, VIP1002, VIP1003, VIP1200, VIP1216, VIP1232, VIP1616, VIP1903, VIP1910, VIP1920, VIP1960, VIP1963, VIP1970, VIP2262
Pace: RNG100, RNG110, RNG150, RNG200, TDC575D, TDC577X, TDC770D, TDC775D, TDC776D, TDC777D, TDC780X, DC550D, RNG150N, RNG200N, XG1, DC900X, DC60Xu

Cisco Explorer / SA / Scientific Atlanta:  1640HDC/1642HDC  3100HD  3170HD  3250HD  3270HD  4200HD  4240HDC  4250HD  4250HDC  4640HD  4640HDC  4642HD  4642HDC  4650HD  4650HDC  4652HD  4652HDC  8000HD DVR  8240HDC DVR  8300HD DVR  8300HD Multi-Room DVR  8300HDC DVR  8640HD DVR  8640HDC DVR  8642HD DVR  8642HDC DVR  8650HD DVR  8650HDC DVR  8652HD DVR  8652HDC DVR Cisco RNG200 DVR  940  1800  1840  1850  2000  2100  2200  3000  3100  3200  3250  4200  4240C  4250  4250C  8000 DVR  8240 DVR  8300 DVR

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